Anna’s Birthday Party

I had planned a birthday party for Anna on her birthday and a bunch of her friends were going to come. Unfortunately we had to cancel it right before because we had a meeting we had to go to at the school. I had mixed feelings about this . . . part of me didn’t really care because she is only two and doesn’t really know and probably won’t even enjoy a party. When ever she gets together with other kids she just hangs around us and doesn’t even interact with the other kids. The other part of me really felt that I should make some deal about her birthday, try and make her feel special and she would probably remember and might enjoy it even if she hung around my side the whole time.

There were not too many kids that could come due to sickness or such short notice but we had a good time with just four other kids. It turned out all right but was not really a big happen’en party. I made cupcakes for the kids and we all sang “Happy Birthday” and Anna did a good job blowing the candles out. I think it was a good first birthday party experience. I think Anna’s favorite part was the Dora Explorer table cloth.

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