Anna’s New Fish Tank

Anna's Fish TankOn Thursday we went to a somewhat large market to buy some fruit and vegetables. At the same place, in the basement, we wanted to go look at the tropical/marine fish market. This is the place that I bought my saltwater fish tank. After looking at the fun corals, we started meandering around the market. They I got a brilliant idea. I said without consulting my wife, “Anna. Do you want to get your own fish tank?” Of course, Anna said emphatically, “Yes”.

We shopped around and found a hot pink one that she liked. We were sure to get all the supplies that we needed – most of which came with the tank.

Including all the setup equipment and fish, we spent a total of RMB 165 ($25). Not too bad, if I say so myself. (We later added two plants and more fish, adding to the total RMB 36 ($5).

Currently we have:
6 Neonfish; 6 Guppies (all boys – no babies, please), 2 Catfish (“Mousefish” in Chinese), and 1 Plecostomus

Enjoy the Slideshow:

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