Anna’s New Friend

Anna is adjusting to the new city pretty well. She is making lots of friends and her mom is trying to make some connections too. It takes a little bit longer for me than her. The other day we spend almost the whole day with another little girl who is about 9 months older than Anna. We went to a play club where they have lots of toys.

The girls had a blast rocking away!! Anna learned to play the guitar from her mother, although her dad would love to tell you it was him – but we all know better.

They had a little grocery store set up there as well. The best, or worst part (depending on how you want to look at it) of the play date was learning/teaching to share. But over all they girls did great!

That night we had Anna’s new friend (and her mommy and baby sister) over for dinner. Anna actually liked sharing her daddy’s lap . . . as long as he was reading a book.

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  1. brannabee says:

    glad your retreat was fun!
    and yay for making new friends. that hike looks amazing! i get to hike next monday – and i’m looking forward to it, as it has thus far been a hike-free fall. 🙁
    love to you guys –
    b. & n.

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