Anna’s Ready for Tomorrow

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For weeks we’ve been talking about coming to Beihai. Anna has been intrigued by this mysterious place that her mom and dad insist is still in China. All she knows about this place is that we are going to be living there for a month, and we’re going to be playing games with new Chinese friends.

Today she did something that really showed me her heart. While we were busy cleaning the house, Anna was busy playing. We hardly noticed what she was doing. When she was finished doing what she was doing she called us over and showed us. She had tied and taped together several chairs. She explained to us that she had made a game. We had to put something under the chair. Closing eyes and guessing where the object is also entered into her explanation, but I can’t be too certain since it’s a 5 year old’s explanation…:) We said that it looked like a very fun game, but we needed to straighten up and untie the chairs to get ready for tomorrow. And she said, “No, it’s for our Chinese kids tomorrow to play a game!” The more I think about it, the more I’m touched that she would be willing to do this. Anna is very shy around new people, so, it’s brave of her to come up with a game to play. It really makes me remember what it was like to be a kid and try to imagine something like going to a new city and meeting new friends.

The second thing she did was bring out a bunch of books and layed them all out. She even organized them by English books and Chinese books so that those who could read English could use the English books and those that could only read Chinese could read the Chinese books.

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