“Why do you so earnestly seek the truth in distant places? Look for delusion and truth in the bottom of your own heart.” ― Ryokan

This year's summer vacation as pretty epic. Because of the many prohibitive restrictions and price of traveling to the US,
HeightsPlatform has a super simple and sleek payment process. However, in my case, since I'm in China, I needed to
In song writing, what comes first? The lyric or the music? This time, a chord progression clearly led the way.
​My dad was an anomaly. By today’s standards he was a radical thinker. He believed that he could change the world for
Good afternoon everyone.   I am going to try not to look at any of you so that I can get
My dad was not a man of many words. He wasn’t a man that often taught us lessons with his
Bill Carman, age 66, went home to be with his Lord, July 11, 2019. He is survived by his wife,
I love this photo. It's not that I did a great job taking the shot. I didn't and it could
We take buses just about every day. Most of the time we're taking a charter bus to the school. But
Ever heard of "Bird Throwing"? Yeah, me neither. "What is it", you ask? Well, it's quite literally throwing a bird.
This is another guest post from my daughter, Anna. She got me dancing. Well, it probably shouldn't be called dancing...anything,
When you think of the phrase, "hole in the wall restaurant" in China, this is what comes to mind. The
Lucas, once settled from other distractions, has an uncanny ability to remain focused on something for a long time. Of
My daughter, Anna, is my second guest poster in this series. It's an interesting shot and it got me thinking
This is my first guest photo on this #aphotoaday series. It was taken by my wife. I was discussing with
Milk tea is a thing here. And we're really into it. This is from our favorite milk tea place called,
Our city gets a bad wrap because it's known for being polluted...and it's true. We do have alot of pollution.
Christmas trees remind of us Jacquelyn's mom. She loved decorating for Christmas. We've had a hard time taking the tree
In coming back to China, one of things we really wanted to see was our children continue learning violin. Over
Outside my office, in the otherwise sprawling surroundings of educational facilities that make up an international school and a university,
I work with a pretty incredible group of peers. The people that have similar positions to me are in different
In my daily interactions with my children I don't typically think about the fact that my children look like me.
If you've been around my house, you've seen this as a normal occurrence. I envy her ability to be utterly
It hides in the darkness It seethes and thrives It spreads grows feeds on Everything around it Until it is
When I was offered a chance to move back overseas, I came with the condition that I would need someone
This is one of the most interesting mutts I've ever seen. It has such striking facial features. It wasn't what
My wife and I have an "on again off again" relationship with running. Currently, we are "on again". Each Saturday
Living overseas means constant changes. Friendship is no exception. But it only makes them even more highly valued. This is
When I was young my mom would tell me the bruised parts were where all the vitamins were. I didn't
Sneaky little pitter-patters are about this evening. This one's supposed to be in bed. She's not the first one up,
This is what my wife looks like in the morning. I know, right? Even in the morning she glows. But
Micah's usually our early riser. He's also the first one done with getting ready to go in the morning. But
We were thrilled to have our friends, the Greenes, stay with us again for Christmas. We had lots of fun,
This hasn't been most ideal Thanksgiving. With the passing of my mother-in-law, it's kinda thrown our family out of sorts.
Every week our 3rd grader brings home a movie from the school's library. One particular DVD they bring home is
Although it wasn't surprising, it still hurts none-the-less. My mother-in-law has passed away. She lived well and she loved hard.
Last night and today were bad days. Actually, it's been a bad 3 weeks - I just didn't realize it.
In China, as in most places, most fruit and vegetables have to be weighed before you can buy them. Normally,
Eloise had a great birthday! It started on Friday when JK and I brought in cupcakes to share with her
Recently, on a trip out of town for a training, we got the opportunity to go to the furthest point
Last week we had to end the work and school day early because we had imposed traffic regulations because of
Here in China, just like everywhere else, they place important messages on street signs to remind you of driving safely.
It's been several weeks since the year started and it's time that we reconvened with our new staff to see
You have served me well, brown leather belt. You've been hugging my hips for a long time. You definitely hold
It's quite common practice in China to burn fake money to appease or give money to ghosts or ancestors in
The nice thing about biking in China is that it's very common. On the one hand there are a ton
Having my office at the school building means I get to see my children periodically throughout the day. I don't
On Saturday we held our annual Welcome Dinner. It's a time that we kick of the year with a party
Micah really likes oatmeal. He would eat it everyday if I let him. Well, actually, he would eat cereal everyday,
Today was the first day of school for the rest of the children. Each one was excited and seemed to