“Why do you so earnestly seek the truth in distant places? Look for delusion and truth in the bottom of your own heart.” ― Ryokan

Our youngest started school today! She's starting in the school's ECC program. We'll probably send her 3 days a week.
While we were in the States we made many purchases to stock up on supplies we knew we would need
Shopping in China is always a challenge, but add 4 kids dangling from each of your appendages and it makes
Today, in my first day back to work, I participated in a full day of CRP, AED, and general safety least the digital mechanism that controls it. We've never had anything solar powered before. So when I went to
Words you don't hear everyday: Jacquelyn very serious and sternly says, "What have I said about howling?" (Before the kids
For the last two mornings I've made breakfast. Eggs yesterday and pancakes today. When I make food, it usually takes
The last 2 months have been pretty crazy, with lots of driving, visiting with family, and too many activities to
We've recently started a new small group in our home. One of the things we were involved in quite a
Today we rode our bikes to fellowship. This is the second time we've ridden there on bikes since Lucas learned
The other day we went to a friend's house and my children discovered a Lord of the Rings chess game.
Just want to send some props my mom's way. She just finished a 30-Day Painting challenge and she knocked it
These are the students that are in Micah's school. Can you spot Micah?
We had the privilege to go down and see our organization's newest project in Yantai! While we were there we
Happy birthday to my independent, silly, picky mama's girl. You definitely keep us on our toes!
We've been working with Lucas for some time now to be able to ride a bike. He's been so close!
When I had the opportunity to go to Qingdao on some business recently, one of my goals was to get
Sitting on a Panel I was very honored to a part of a recent panel hosted by the Qingdao International
20th Anniversary The last time we were in Qingdao, we worked at an international school. It was so great to
Today we celebrated the summer birthdays of the people in my office. The group you see here all had birthdays
We’ve had an incredible visit from Jacquelyn’s mother. She joined us and helped us greatly in getting settled into our
Immediately after the summer camp we took the entire family up to Beijing and attended the “Starting Well” conference. It
This summer we got to be a part of the summer camp that was being hosted by the international School.
These types of toys are all throughout China. They turn and light up and vibrate and play annoying songs, like
Did you know a coach doesn't give advice? The coach is simply there to help the coachee discover answers in
I've developed a bit of an eye twitch lately. I've been trying to figure out why. Is it stress? Is
You know this true about Cinnamon Rolls!
So, all of the sudden Micah can do this... He did this all on his own. In fact, he
Though we've only been here about 3 months, we're already celebrating the end of the year. Each year, our office
We know what it’s like to leave and know what it’s like to be left. Whether it’s your friend moving
Over Tomb-Sweeping day we went out to Spring Rock for some fun and relaxation. Spring Rock a haven away from
Micah's had a big year this year. He moved back to his birth country that he hasn't been to since
When we found out that Jacquelyn's cousins were going to be in Beijing, we jumped at the opportunity to hang
Just some shots of Eloise at a local square.
Well, it wasn't exactly the plan, but I was thrown in to leading several important events and situations over the
Anna has really jumped in to life here in China. Although she misses her friends in the States dearly, she
A friend of mine was looking for a bit help with his website. Quite simply, he wanted to show excerpts
I'm happy to announce that we've released our first ever screenshots to our website! It's so cool to see this
I wrote a post for regarding my thoughts on the following quote: "Amateurs rehearse until they get it right.
We're right in the middle of the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is most similarly compared to the West's
Coming in late to a working environment that is based entirely on the school calendar means we have a lot
These past weeks we have experienced many firsts as a family here in our new city. Since everything we're seeing the time It’s been a full week since we’ve arrived in China and we’re getting adjusted nicely. Plus, we’ve
After many days of packing parties and last minute preparations, we woke up on Monday, Jan 11th and started packing
While we've been busy finalizing everything here in the States, our new friends in China have been busy preparing for
I'm standing at the top of the driveway, waving goodbye. Just five minutes ago I looked down at a 12
Leaving means replacement. Leaving means moving on. Leaving means trying to end well. Leaving means fear. Leaving is hard. And
With our latest leg of paperwork completed, we can now predict when we'll be able to head out to China!
Oh, Christmas pictures. The joy. The family unity. The cooperation of children with their totally relaxed parents. I didn't ban