“Why do you so earnestly seek the truth in distant places? Look for delusion and truth in the bottom of your own heart.” ― Ryokan

Jacquelyn has been wanting a Fitbit for the last few months. So, when Black Friday came up and we found
Every year we take a trip out to Ohio for Thanksgiving where JK's brother and family host us and a
We're very happy to announce that we are on our way back to China! To quote a few of our A few weeks ago the owner of the company asked me to go on location to a local apple
Every Sunday at church the children sit in the main service until the offering. And every Sunday two of the
Every year Adams has an extremely popular Harvest Fest at each of the store locations. It's a huge production that
Saturday after some morning errands we headed out to Minnewaska. On the way up the mountain, Jacquelyn did some research online
   This picture brings a wave of emotions. Firstly, she's just plain beautiful. She's really grown into a beautiful young
Bath time is always fun. The boys love to play in the tub and probably don't even need toys to
Today we went to our kids' favorite park, Bowdoin Park. It's not the closest park, but it's definitely the biggest
Eloise has really been growing up. Each day she's becoming more and more independent. Today I caught her imitating her
Darth Vader payed us a visit at work today. I put this quick little video together showing his softer side.
A few weeks ago I shared my failed attempt at making an aesthetically pleasing dinner. Well, today I had an
A few weeks back I mentioned that I got to get my feet wet with videoing a food seminar. I've
...You're a jerk.
How in the world would I possibly be able to say no to such a request? Anna has such a
Today we headed out for our annual pilgrimage to pick apples. This year we headed to Fishkill Farms instead of
#projectcapture is about capturing the personalities of my children in pictures. Though we have four children at this point, I'm
#projectcapture is about capturing the personalities of my children in pictures. #capturingmicah was probably the easiest as Micah is the
#projectcapture is about capturing the personalities of my children in pictures. #capturinglucas took the most thought. Lucas expresses himself more in
#projectcapture is about capturing the personalities of my children in pictures. Anna is my light. She's a joy to all
The other day I saw a Facebook video showing how to make a cheeseburger hot dog. The video was half
Today I expanded my horizons a bit by videoing a food seminar. Having taken pictures at this location before, I
Ever since we went to the Mets game a few weeks ago, my whole family has gotten into baseball. Anna's
Dear Friends and Family, It’s always been a dream for each of us to start a business, but my brothers
So we spent a couple of days at the Great Wolf Lodge. We had lots of fun - though, I'm
Local Delivery Step 1 - Define local delivery zones Ecwid as a very developed system for defining zones. Zones can
We've recently gone through some changes in our church. Changes that I'm quite excited about. Changes that I think are
Most recently I've been quite busy with starting a new venture. I'm excited to be working with my brothers on
I was recently featured in a newsletter as a Customer Spotlight for the ever growing Ecwid eCommerce software. Ecwid, which
How can I change to default behavior of the "My billing address is the same as shipping" check box to
Using eye-catching and informative graphics with excellent content is key to any good web page design - especially for a
I've been toying around with learning jQuery, lately. I went out and bought a book and started going through the
Last night I went to the Mid-Hudson Bridge to get some shots for work. We're doing a fundraiser for an
So, a couple of days ago we had a door-to-door book salesman come by. The plates on his car were
My son was born at a healthy weight of 6lbs 15oz but quickly began to lose weight, as do most
Mykal you are my friend When I don't want to eat You eat it for me You pick me up
This past weekend I "surprised" Jeremy with a weekend away to Chengdu, which he has said he wanted to visit
It is said that SiChuan (四川)has the best food in China, it also has the spiciest food! Jeremy and I
This is an update to the previous blog called "Christmas Party".One of the highlights of the holiday was throwing a
From ChristmasWe had a wonderful Christmas! We started the day with homemade cinnamin rolls and read to Anna about the
To end Zachary's birthday everybody (that is everybody that loves Zach) went and saw "Transformers". It was much better then
We knew for quite some time that our daughter, Anna's, passport and visa were going to expire soon. We planned
As I mentioned in my previous post, I've started a business. Jalopyhead Enterprises was born on June 11, 2013! Yay!
Not long after arriving back to the States about 2 years ago (Wow, that was quick), I quickly got a
About a month and a half ago my brother told me about a job opportunity in Nashville, TN, very near,
Our "new" fish tank has been sitting for a very long time - a whole 4 months without having any
My wife and I have been discussing our FSA. Well, it's not actually "ours" yet, until the 1st of the
Last night we went caroling with our youth group. We visited mostly people from our church, but we also hit