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Sitting on a Panel

I was very honored to a part of a recent panel hosted by the Qingdao International Business Association (QIBA) in August. The topic of the panel was “Childbirth and Childcare in Qingdao: What are the options for expats?” I was invited to be a part of the discussion because of the website Jacquelyn and I created called,


For me to be sitting on the same stage with the head of a huge hospital, heads of departments at a well-known international hospital in the area and a my friend Ruth who has been a part of many births in training to be a Doula was pretty mind-blowing. When I looked down the stage of very important medical people, to be honest I felt a little out of my league. On the stage I imagined myself as the crazy wanna-be blogger who’s trying to be relevant. But once the questions starting rolling, I remembered the purpose for creating the website in the first place – so that people can have accurate information from the perspective of the one actually having the baby in the foreign land.

The panel discussion proved to be very excellent and I hope helpful to everyone in attendance.

For more about the topics discussed, click here.

For a few more pictures, click here.

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