Child of Mine, by Jeremy N. Carman

In song writing, what comes first? The lyric or the music? This time, a chord progression clearly led the way. And then it was the first line of the chorus, “Bring to Me all your heart your mind, and I’ll bring you the peace that Mine.”

The rest of the song took awhile to write. Formulating the words, took much mental efforts. Coming home from work and sitting down at the piano experimenting with words. Coming back the next day and erasing those words because they just weren’t right.

This is a special song for me. I started it before my dad died, and finished it afterward. I don’t hear alot of songs that take the perspective of God. It actually seems quite presumptive to write one that takes that perspective. But these are the words that I think God had for me and my family. In the face of tragedy it is easy to forget that God loves us, sees us, hears us, and longs that we cry out to Him. He doesn’t promise that we won’t experience pain and heartache. But he does tell us that peace that passes all understanding will guard our hearts if we but make requests to Him.

My mom has been amazing in the face of my dad’s death. I know it’s painful. Grief peeks up in the strangest and must sudden of times. This song is dedicated to her.

Lyrics and Chords

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