Christmas Party

Every Saturday morning I (Jeremy) go to the local foreign grocery store to teach basic English to the workers. The class starts at 7:30am so not only the students have a hard time getting there on time, but the teacher does too! Actually, I really love this class. The students are typically from a village several hours away. The average student is about 16 years old with no more than a middle school education. These students love this class and really claim it as their own. This free class was started by our boss as way to reach out and share the Truth with them. We have seen some exciting fruit come out of it. This year, just before Christmas, we had a special Christmas party for these students. Part of the night included food, games and chatting. Near the end, we invited one of our Chinese friends to present the Truth in Chinese. I was able to understand most of what he said and he did such a great job. Actually, it was was one of the clearest presentations I have ever heard! Clarity is needed in China, as most people have never heard the full Truth before. That I know of, no one made a special decision, but I’m sure the seed has been planted in at least a few.

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