Colors and Tie-dye Shirts

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Tuesday has come and gone. We had a great time with the campers.

The day’s theme was colors. We taught for awhile and played a bunch of games. One of the games we played was “color basket”. Other games were facilitated by yours truly on the guitar.

After games we had a snack and prepared to make tie-dye shirts. The kids did great making them. Only one girl’s dress got a stain in it. That’s pretty good considering it could have been a lot worse. Anna had fun and her shirt came out very nicely.

To continue with the theme of colors, we made a mosaic. JK was off feeding Micah, which left me in charge of the creativity aspect of the project. It turned out fine, but it probably could have been a bit more organized.

We ended the day by going over our skit. This time we showed them the youtube video of another group doing it and they loved it and each improved their own parts. It should be pretty good when we perform on Friday. We also played a bunch of games including bang, bang, pop, pop and another “don’t pay attention to the obvious” type game.

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