Cooking Dinner and Enjoying the Pitching Machine

The other day I saw a Facebook video showing how to make a cheeseburger hot dog. The video was half time-lapse half normal speed. It looked super easy to make.

It wasn’t.

I guess I needed to pack down the meat some more, because it just wouldn’t form right. But Anna and I eventually got it to work.

Also, I probably should have cooked it a little longer on the grill because when I brought it in the house, it was still a bit pink. The microwave helped solve that problem.

Despite how it looked, it actually tasted very good. The kids enjoyed it…which is saying something.
Cheeseburger Hot Dog

I also made Daddy’s Delectable Delight, which is just a fun way to say sweet tea. The kids also really like that.
Daddy's Delectable Delight

After dinner, we loaded up Lucas’ new birthday present from grandma with some batteries and had some fun with pitching machine.

I also played with the slow motion feature on my iPhone and we all absolutely cracked up when Lucas got hit by a ball and the slow motion showed his apparent slow reaction. So funny.

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