Cooking Run-through

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Getting buy-in from the LSV kids is a pretty big deal around here. There are 14 kids that live on site ranging from middle school and up. It’s the staff’s desire to see each of them involved in the coming camps. As mentioned in a previous post, we’re doing various activities with them so they get used to us and maybe they will be willing to join our activities.

We’re planning an activity during the camp to introduce Western cooking. There’s actually not much we can do in such a rural area. Pizza – no ovens; hamburgers – no buns; tacos – no cheese or spices (or tortillas…although, those can be made). So we finally agreed on Omellettes. The kids can choose what they want in their own and lots of people can be involved.

So, in order to make sure all could make one and get the LSV kids on board, we decided to do a run-through. Lots of fun.

Our kids are missing from the below pics b/c they were taking a much needed nap. They slept for over 3 hours! They are feeling much better now.

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