Cousins and the Temple of Heaven

When we found out that Jacquelyn’s cousins were going to be in Beijing, we jumped at the opportunity to hang out with them. They came to China to do a tour with their high school’s choir and orchestra. We figured since they came 10,000 miles across the world, we could travel the 90 miles to go and see them.


Since they were on a pretty tight schedule and were busy in the morning, we kept ourselves busy by heading to the Temple of Heaven. On the way there we experienced Tianjin’s Subway and Bullet Train to Beijing for the first time. It was a bit of an adventure figuring out where to wait in line with 4 kids in tow, but everyone had a great attitude as we trekked to and around Beijing.

The Temple of Heaven in really a cool place. And it is a great place to visit over Easter weekend. The significance of the emperor’s acknowledgement of the Most High God in this place is unique. This is the place were sacrifices were made to God. What a perfect opportunity to explain to our kids the awesome gift that was given to us through Jesus!



From there we took a bus to meet with Jacquelyn’s cousins. We got to spend a couple of hours with them drinking coffee and then jumping in on their bus and dinner. I’m not sure how much the high school girls at our table who had just arrived from the States and were still on jet-lag enjoyed their Spicy Fermented Bean Curd, but we loved it!


And finally, we got to hear Jacquelyn’s cousin (once removed) play and sing at her performance!

Thanks Burgharts for coming all the way to China so we could see you!

Here’s a few more pics:




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