Daddy Date: The Last in Qingdao

Anna and I took a break from the packing up and went Yogurt Garden. It’s a self-serve yogurt place. Kinda cool (if u like frozen yogurt).

Afterword, we rode our bikes around the marina and Anna had me take pictures of her.

Here’s some of my favorite things she said on our date:

  • “Okay, see those flags over there? We’re gonna go over there and you’re gonna take two pictures of me there. And then we’ll take some more pictures somewhere else. Okay?”
  • “Daddy, you’re so cool.” (I was showing her how far I could lean over on my bike.)
  • (Taking pictures)
    Anna: “Send them to Starbucks.”
    Me: “Huh?”
    Anna: (With exasperation) “Send the pictures to Starbucks so mommy can see them.”
    Me: (Thoroughly confused) “She’s not at Starbucks, she’s at home.”
    Anna: (Obviously agitated) “No, send them to Starbucks so she can see them at home!”
    Me: “Oh! You mean Facebook.”
    Anna: (With a smile) “Oh, you’re right, I mean Facebook.”

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