Day 1

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Last night we made it to Beihai. It’s hot here. Thankfully the unit we are staying in is equipped with air conditioning.

After mentioning to our host that we hadn’t had dinner yet, he and his wife whipped us up so eggs and noodles. We were very grateful. Almost all the meals are provided in the cafeteria since they are usually feeding about 25 people. But by the time we arrived, the kitchen was already closed.

Today, we woke up and Anna wasn’t feeling well. We’re not sure why exactly, but we’re pretty sure it has something to do with staying up so late and playing very hard at school and with our friends.

After breakfast we had praise time while the kids played. When we were done, Anna was lying down by herself. If you know Anna, you know that’s not like her at all. It turns out she was running a fever. So, while we went to orientation, Anna slept while a baby sitter watched over her.

Lucas and Micah are doing well. They are enjoying playing and just plain looking cute.

We’re now on our Chinese-style Siesta – which is much needed in hot Beihai.

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