Dealing with the Heat

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In the night Anna was still feverish once the meds wore off. At about 3am she was calling me from her room. When I got there she was distressed because her pink blanket (that her grandma gave her, she’ll happily remind you) was making noise. Before I realized that she was hallucenating, I tried to make sense of what she was saying. I thought she meant her bunny that she also sleeps with, which rattles a bit, was bothering her. When I suggested this, she said, “It’s this one.”, holding up the blanket, “And it’s doing it right now! Make it stop!” as she covered her ears. I removed the blanket from her room and told her to go back to sleep. She did.

In the morning we decided to let Anna sleep in a bit and Lucas and I went to breakfast. Afterwards, I headed to our fellowship time. Don’t let the picture below fool you, Lucas did not play in the kid’s room during this time. He cried every time I tried to leave the room. I eventually took him w/me.

Later on Anna and mommy joined us. Anna was feeling much better by now. It was perfect for our tour of NanKang – the town that LSV is in. On the tour we saw Sugar Cane, Mangos, Lychee, and Longan growing everywhere. Sugar Cane is the main product of the area. Cows were out and about, as well as chickens. We also saw some pigs. (Sorry, no pics. We were in a moving car the whole time.) Lastly, we went to a huge project where they are building a massive port.

NanKang is home to about 60,000 people. It’s a far cry from Qingdao’s 7-9 million. Even if you compare all of Beihai (which includes NanKang) they only have about 1 million people. It’s really rural here. Life is laid back compared to city-life.

In the afternoon we had our nap time. JK got to go on the site tour, but I opted out since I’d seen it before.

After that we had a strategy meeting w/all the families and started to address some specifics of what next week will look like. Anna played with her new friends during this time and we’re happy to have her acting herself again.

This evening we had a time of reflection. Micah and I laid on the cooler floor as music played and we thanked the Father for His goodness.

Oh, and just before writing this blog, JK and I beat Forbidden Island on the hardest level. Just an FYI.

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