Fitbit Walkout

Jacquelyn has been wanting a Fitbit for the last few months. So, when Black Friday came up and we found ourselves at Khols, I took the opportunity to pick up a Fitbit for her.

We waited in the long, but fast-moving line and got to the register. The lady scanned all the items, including the Fitbit, and we headed out to the car. Apparently though, the Fitbit scan didn’t take because when Jacquelyn looked at the receipt she realized that we didn’t actually pay for the Fitbit! Yikes!

So, we headed back in and told an employee that we had somehow gotten out without paying for the item. She walked us over to a cashier and they scanned the product again and we paid for the item. As we were doing this an employee told us not to leave when we finished. After a few minutes she came back with 2 free movie tickets! We were grateful for the tickets, but we’re also glad to know that we did the right thing by returning it.

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