Future in China

We have finally made a decision about our fate here in China. Our motto for the past few months has been “Find a Job or Go Home.” For those of you who we have had direct contact with, you know the emotional ups and downs that we have been facing for the past few months in looking for a job. Finding a job is never fun. And interviewing, for me is even less enjoyable. I have pursued job lead after job lead, and interview after interview. Finding a job in China is relatively easy…for someone who wants to teach English. Therein lies the problem…I am no longer willing to teach, and that has made searching for a job difficult. Finally though, something has come up…at least for now. I have accepted the position of Volunteers Coordinator with a Chinese foster care organization called China Care. China Care’s goal is to:

“give Chinese orphans the opportunity for a life of love and American families the means to provide it. And, in the process, to positively affect the lives of those who help as well as those who are helped, compelling all involved to pass the feeling on to others.”

You can visit their site for more information. www.chinacare.org .

The only problem now is that the job is only for the summer, which means “Find a Job or Go Home” is still going to be a recurring phrase in our household. There is a definite possibility that I could stay on with China Care after the summer is over in a different capacity. We are looking at this summer position like an internship that could possibly turn into a permanent job.

Thanks to everyone who has been thinking about us concerning our job situation. Please continue to do so in the coming weeks and months as I start the job and seek to make a good impression.

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