Going back to China!


We’re very happy to announce that we are on our way back to China!

To quote a few of our friends:
“Seriously?” “Huh?” “That’s crazy!” “What the what?”

I’ve put together a quick FAQ for you.


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What will you be doing?

The short of it is I’m going to be an Assistant City Manager for an education-based company operating in China.

Is this the same company you were with before?

Yep. Same company. Different position. Different City.

What will you be doing?

I’m going to be the Assistant City Manager for one of the cities the company operates in. My job will be to provide support, representation, and encouragement to the staff of the different entities operating in the city.

What city are you going to?

We’re headed to Tianjin, about 2 hours drive from Beijing. This will be a new experience for us. We’ve never lived in Tianjin and have only visited it a couple of times.

When are you going?

January 2016! That’s the goal, anyway. And yes, that’s very soon.

Are you excited?

Totally! But, if we’re honest, it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride as well. This move is going to be a lot harder than the first time we went to China. The first time we were newly married without kids and very few connections. Now we’re a family of 6 with lots of connections to lots of awesome people. We’re very sad to be leaving everyone we love.

How can I support you in this?

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6 responses to “Going back to China!”

  1. Barb carter says:

    Love you all. Be blessed. And safe travels.

  2. Theresa says:

    Wow! That’s really cool guys! Super excited for you all.

  3. Lisa says:

    So excited for y’all (& a little bit jealous)! I will be thinking of you as you are sure to be super busy the next few weeks/months.

  4. Josh K. says:

    I was wondering when I’d see you guys back over here. Congrats!

  5. Patti Williams says:

    Just heard at school today! So Wonderful. I’m excited for you, and your team in Tianjin. God bless you with smooth, safe travels!

  6. Esther SU says:

    welcome back! May God bless you all with smooth transition and will soon have lots of great relationships in Tian Jin.

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