Graduation Ceremony

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The last day has come. We’ve taken all that the kids have learned and done in these last few weeks and compiled it into a 1 hour show. In the planning meeting the night before, the group elected me as the MC.

We started out the ceremony showing the parents what we learned in English class. The kids did great showing off their Zoophonics that one of the families brought over from the US. Zoophonics uses animals and hand motions to help children learn phonics.

Next, we had 2 campers, one worker, and worker’s child come up in front and share what they learned over the past week. Everyone did a great job.

Then came the best part of the ceremony. Each family, from the first day that we met the campers, decided on something that the kids would perform. There was much variety. There were songs, drums, and dramas. Our family decided to do a skit. The kids were hilarious in both practicing and performing the skit. We’re very proud that these elementary kids were bold enough to perform in from on their peers and family. See the video below for our skit.

The last thing we did as a performance was “Lean on Me”. I played the guitar and JK taught and lead the kids in the motions and words. She did a great job and the kids did tremendous performing it.

And that’s it! We’re done with camp! We’re still hanging around here for a bit taking in the sights and waiting till the LSV International Director arrives so we can chat about our time. I’m planning to blog some more with more pictures and more videos later, so stay tuned!

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