Halloween Update

We’re not sure if anybody still reads this blog or not, but we just wanted to let you know that we’re alive and well. We had a party over at our house to celebrate the day after Halloween. We carved and painted pumpkins, ate home-made chili and hung out with our friends.

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6 responses to “Halloween Update”

  1. Beuk says:

    Now don’t be like that. Just because no one comments doesn’t mean they aren’t reading your blog. Tyr statcounter.com and or feedburner.com and you will see what I mean.

  2. Beuk says:

    ohh yeah, and the fact that you have to approve the comments is LAME…

  3. Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman says:

    Sorry about the needing to approve of comments thing. The reason I did it was because somebody left a really nasty link as a comment and I couldn’t delete it for several weeks because of the “great firewall”.

    Rest assured that I publish ALL comments that aren’t spam…unless you disagree with my point of view, of course!!!

  4. Nate Carman says:

    I still check in on you about every week or so.

  5. Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman says:


    Cool. Thanks Brah.

  6. Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman says:


    I just edited my comments moderation settings so that anyone can leave a comment and say anything they want, or leave malicious links which could lead to the end of the Internet as we know it. Are you happy now?


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