Happy Easter!

This Friday at school we had an egg decorating activity. It was a lot of fun to just sit with the kids and talk about anything (other than school work of course). We learned that Alicia’s favorite Veggie Tales character is Jr. Asparagus and Matt likes to destroy things. (He kept saying he wanted to throw the eggs off the roof.) Alicia left one egg in the yellow for so long that the shell got eaten away by the vinegar.

At the end of the day we had a contest in two categories: creativity and best color. Jeremy won in the most creative egg category with his egg named “Asylum” (the pink faced egg). Matt won the best color with his half blue-green & pink egg. The prize was a handful of black jelly beans. Since Jeremy doesn’t like black jelly beans, I (Jacquelyn) ate his. Anna didn’t get to color any eggs but she did enjoy holding them up and dropping them. She also really likes eating them.

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