I’m a Featured Customer for the Ecwid Shopping Cart

I was recently featured in a newsletter as a Customer Spotlight for the ever growing Ecwid eCommerce software. Ecwid, which is combination of “ecommerce” and “widget” allows you to add an online store to basically any site out there.

Having inherited a very outdated and ugly looking ecommerce software that did not integrate at all the branding of our website, I took the lead in finding a solution that would allow us to firstly vastly improve upon the aesthetic, but also scale the online business. Indeed, that’s exactly what moving to Ecwid has allowed us to do. The move and a focused effort on growing the store has increased revenue approximately 250% over the last 2 years! And this year we’re already performing another 50% percent better on average during the same period as last year.

People from Ecwid reached out to me to discuss some of the benefits I saw in the service. The attached screenshot is from the March Newsletter highlighting the ease of use.

I love Ecwid and you will, too! Click here to Sign up for free today!

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