Kid’s Kingdom

Every Thursday my mother & father babysit for my brother’s three children. This past Thursday my sister from PA was also in town to visit, so we had 6 kids running around the house. To give the kids something to do other than drive the adults crazy and tear down the house, we took them to a near by play yard.
The place was really pretty nice (but coming from China I think that I would think anything America has is pretty nice). The kids enjoyed jumping into the ball pits (yes, there was more than one).
Being the most mischievous and adventuresome, my sister’s son was willing to do anything and everything. I think he was trying to find the one thing that he was not supposed to be doing.
The moms weren’t too sure about a sandbox inside, but all the kids enjoyed it for awhile.
All the kids really enjoyed themselves and did not want to leave. But of all the kids, can you guess who had the most fun? My one-year-old nephew!

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