Learning to Coach

Coaching Dance

Did you know a coach doesn’t give advice? The coach is simply there to help the coachee discover answers in his/her own heart and mind. In fact, the coach should operate under the mindset that…

This is what I learned at the coaching seminar recently attended. It was really a great seminar and really helped to correct some misconceptions that I was holding on to about what coaching is. I have to say it was a bit hard to change the paradigm I had going on to in my head.

When first presented with the idea that I wasn’t supposed to give a advice, I asked, “Then, what’s the point? Why are we coaching, then?” What I actually had going on in my mind was “counseling”, not coaching.

But the more I participated in the exercises, the more I saw just how powerful coaching can be. Wherever a person is, he or she has the ability, and if they are believers, the Spirit, to answers their own questions. Often times, it just takes a focused time of reflecting on what the real problem is and action steps moving forward.

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