Lucas Riding a Bike

We’ve been working with Lucas for some time now to be able to ride a bike. He’s been so close! But I wasn’t willing to say that he could ride a bike until he could take off from a stopped position on by helpself. Besides internal motivation, one thing we have been struggling with is the size of his bike. Micah’s bike is a bit too small for him and the one we recently bought for him is too big, at least for someone still learning. So, we finally made it out to the bike market and spent an hour test driving bikes. We came home with a bike that doesn’t leave much room to grow on, but it’s perfect for him to learn to ride.

The same day that we bought the bike we took him outside and gave within 10 minutes he was officially riding a bike! Check it out!

Immediately after this video he said, “Can I go upstairs and play on the Wii now?”

Like I said, he’s missing internal motivation…

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