MBA Update & Job for Next Year

Things are steadily moving ahead for us here. We’re anxious for the winter break to come.

The first term of my MBA is almost finished – only one more week! I am continuing to do well. So far I’ve gotten all A’s on my assignments. On the tests I have gotten A’s and B’s. In high school I only got on the B honour roll once…and I think that was a fluke! Of course, I didn’t really try very hard in HS 🙂 Hopefully with the MBA I’ll be able to keep my grades high.

As soon as the winter break is over I will head right into the Spring Term. I just registered for the classes, but right now I’m just trying to focus on my last few projects and tests for this term.

In other news: Our job situation is kinda up in the air. One of our students will most likely go to a normal school (as oppposed to home-school) next year. Our other student’s parents want us to continue teaching their son, but with only one student our company probably won’t offer the same kind of compensation package. But all is not lost. There are still a couple of options for us…we’ll just have to see what happens. We just have to trust that He will lead us to the right situations.

J, JK & A-Mae

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