Old Friends for the New Year

We’re right in the middle of the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is most similarly compared to the West’s Christmas. Just about everything closes up for 2 weeks and people all over China return to their home town to visit with relatives. Children are given red bags of money as presents and everyone eats the traditional Chinese dumplings.

This year we’ve had the pleasure of having our old friends, the Greenes, come and visit us and welcome us back to China during this holiday. Unfortunately for them, we also shared with them the bug that’s been going around and almost each day one of us comes down with this 24 hour virus.


Aside from that, we’ve really enjoyed picking up things pretty much where they left off with our friendship. The glaring difference is that we used to teach them all the secrets to living in China, but now that we’re 4+ years removed from it all, they’re the ones teaching us now! It really just goes to show you the value and importance of building relationships with people while you’re living overseas. With the turnover rate of expats in China, we truly consider ourselves lucky to have friends for this long continuing to live in this country.


But we’re also looking forward to building some new relationships that can be long lasting and helpful in this country. This is why we are here…to give support to those working here to be more effective in the work they are doing. We’re so glad that we’re back in country and able to continue doing this.

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