On the Way to Beihai

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Well, we had a little trouble getting to Beihai yesterday. Waking up late + lots of luggage + taking an unfamiliar route + construction = missed flight. Quite embarrassing, actually.

After trying our hardest to still make it yesterday by changing tickets, we just couldn’t manage it w/o spending a ton of money to buy more tickets w/o the guarantee of a refund on the old tickets. So0 we decided to wait till today.

Our spirits were still high and we weren’t too frustrated (after all we did get an extra day w/our friends and 1 more meal at Canvas), so we headed out with renewed vigor and only slightly damaged egos.

The only hiccup today (though anticipated it still hurts) was an extra baggage charge that was like paying for another ticket. JK has packed and repacked trying to make it work, but with 5 people and an extended stay in a rather remote area of China, it just wasn’t possible for only 60kg. (Infant tickets don’t get any luggage allowance.)

Well, I guess there is another hiccup. We’re curently at the Shanghai/Pudong airport waiting for our delayed flight to Beihai. At least I could upload these videos! Hope you enjoy.

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