QDBasketball Photo Gallery


This is a fully featured Photo Gallery companion site to a site that I made for a youth basketball league. (Click here to learn more about the companion site.)

Platform: ZenPhoto
Theme: Stop Design (Created “child theme” for permanent modification)

  • Scalable as league continues annually
  • Fast photo load times
  • Full size picture downloads
  • Ability to have guest users upload their own photos
  • Individual albums able to be password protected

Because of the features required and the large amount of photos to be uploaded to the server, I opted to run the photo gallery on it’s own platform. ZenPhoto is a great open-source platform for dealing with a large amount of large sized photos. When uploading to the site, photos will automatically be resized for faster load times. The parents of the children in the basketball league loved being able to see their own children each week online.

Site: QDBasketball.com – ZenPhoto

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