Qingdao Polar World

Our first sightseeing in Qingdao was to Polar World. We were very excited to take Anna, I don’t think she shared the same excitement. I really enjoyed taking her around to the different “cages” and pointing out the different animals. We would find the animal’s eyes, nose, and mouth. She was a bit scared when the walruses swam by. Being a little kid you don’t know that the glass will keep you safe. All she knows is that this huge animal is swimming right past her and could probably eat her up in one swallow.

We did not know when the dolphin shows were so we got to Polar World right after the last showing in the morning started. So we walked around the place first (a couple times) then eat lunch and then waited a little while longer for the first afternoon showing. Anna was getting a little bit cranky because it was about her nap time. But it was definitely worth the wait. Anna loved every minute of the show! Jeremy & I also thought the show was very good, the best we have seen here in China. The park itself was not that impressive. I thought it was a little bit over priced for what they had but the show was very good and worth seeing.

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