QingDao Retreat

This past weekend all the staff and their families from our school went to LaoShan (a mountain) and stayed at a very nice hotel from Saturday – Tuesday. It was a time to spend with each other and to get some relaxation. Those of us with small children, however, didn’t get too much relaxing done, but we really had a great time.

Saturday, we had a little meeting and a “get to know each other” game. We gathered together in groups with the same month birthdays and then learned a little bit about each other. Here is the best group – December birthdays.

Sunday, Jeremy & I lead the singing for our meeting. In the afternoon we went hiking on LaoShan. That was my favorite part of the whole weekend. I carried Anna on my back as we hiked. It was a little scary as we had to climb up and down (and sometimes jump) huge boulders. Everybody was very helpful and made sure that we were safe.

Sunday night, Jeremy & I were in charge of the nursery. We lucked out with that because it happened to be movie night, so the kids were really taken in by the movie (Curious George). Also, half of the kids weren’t there b/c their parents put them to bed.

Monday, we enjoyed going to another seminar and then pretty much relaxed for the rest of the day. The three of us took naps b/c we were really tired from not napping on Sunday, and not sleeping too well at night since we were sharing a room with Anna. She spent the first night calling out to us wanting us to pick her up.

Monday night, we watched “Amazing Grace.” It was fun watching it on the big screen like we were in the theater (uhmm, not that we condone theaters). We got to have popcorn and hot chocolate while we watched.

The retreat was a lot of fun, but we are glad to be home so we can catch up on our sleep!

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