Running into Stereotypes

Right now I am rubbing my head in pain and laughing at the same time. As I was coming out of the kitchen in the office today I was holding a cup of coffee which diverted my attention away from the short door frame. I forgot to bend down ever so slightly to avoid hitting my head. Coffee went flying – burning my hand and arm – and stars suddenly appeared in my vision. I didn’t fall over, but enough people saw my little accident that I certainly turned a few shades of red. I ran smack into the stereotype of things not being tall or big enough for Westerners in Asia.

You’d think that after 3 years of living here I’d learn to duck. I guess it could be worse, though. A tall friend of mine got his head stuck in the subway doors!


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  1. b. says:

    i’m laughing a lot right now, you just can’t hear me. 😀

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