Safe on an Airplane

I no longer feel safe on a airplane. I accidentally carried on board an international flight a 10″ Cutco knife. Jacquelyn came to and asked, “Have you seen the cutco knife that we packed?”Since we had a delayed and damaged suit case, I immediately assumed it had fallen out of that bag. But then she said, I had put it in your computer case. I said, “Well, there’s no way it’s in there. Otherwise we would have security questioning us on why we were trying to bring a 10″ knife on board”. Plus, I have been using my case all week with no inclination that there was a knife in the bag. So, we took out all the stuff and low and behold, there it was, wedged at the very bottom of a side pocket. Hmmm….

3 responses to “Safe on an Airplane”

  1. Nate Carman says:

    Now that, my brother is awesome. I wonder what would have happened if you brandished it? Or maybe held it to a persons neck…Jokingly of course

  2. Jeremy & Jacquelyn Carman says:

    I'm sure that would have raised the flags that we missed earlier.

    Although, if I explained that I was only joking, I'm sure they would have been okay with it.

  3. dan says:

    you’re flying 400mph in a 1,000 ton box 10,000 feet off the ground and you don’t feel safe because there might be a knife inside of it?

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