Sorry for not blogging lately

We do apologize for not keeping in contact with you as much lately. One reason is that the Internet here in Asia has been crazy slow. Ever since the earthquake happened a little while back our Internet has been crawling…but we’re thankfull we have the little that we have. Another reason is that we have just been super busy. I (Jeremy) have been really busy with my MBA program, taking extra Chinese classes, leading music at Church, teaching our students and helping to keep track of Anna. Speaking of Anna, she’s really, really close to walking. The other day she took 5 steps all by her self before diving into Jacquelyn’s lap. She is such fun to be around right now. She’s always laughing and playing. We wish you all could be a part of it.

Please keep us in your thoughts concerning our job situation for next year. I am actively looking for a new job and have several opportunities available.

We hope to post some pictures or video soon…depending on the Internet. Keep checking in from time to time.

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