Starting a Business

Not long after arriving back to the States about 2 years ago (Wow, that was quick), I quickly got a freelance job from my first official client. (Read about it here.) It was great. I was excited to be going into business for myself. Since then, I’ve had several more clients. They’ve been relatively small sites, done for friends and family, but they’ve definitely helped me hone in my my skills.

But my dream for a long time has been to start my own business. It hasn’t necessarily been in web consulting, but I’ve wanted to start my own business. It’s such a huge undertaking. Even as I write these words, I’m overwhelmed with feelings doubt and excitement and fear and happiness all within milliseconds of each other.

So, after my most recent adventure applying for job fell through, I decided that I was just gonna go for it. I went down to the County Clerk’s office and registered my business name. It’s official, Jalopyhead Enterprises no longer exists in my head. It’s now a reality.

I’ve got some things in the works to help me launch it, including some airtime on a local radio station as well as getting a new logo and website that are already in the works.

Exciting times!

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