Summer Holiday ’22

Summer Holiday ’22

This year’s summer vacation as pretty epic. Because of the many prohibitive restrictions and price of traveling to the US, we decided that we would again stay in China for the summer. As we reflect on our summer break, we’re so thankful for the rest and family time that we have been blessed to receive.

For the last couple of years, as we have traveled domestically, one of our goals was to introduce our children to some of the beauty of China. China is such a vast a beautiful country and traveling outside of China’s well-known metropolises is a treat. This year, we got to see multiple unique mountain ranges and experience many cultures, dialects, and adventures. We even got to spend a full week studying Chinese!

There were some bumps along the way (canceled flights, swine flu, extra covid tests, etc…), but overall it was an incredible time.

Guilin (Yangshuo)


Language Learning

Shang-ri la Adventure Camp



Tiger Leaping Gorge

Li Jiang

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