Backyard Baseball

BackyardBaseball_0 - 3

Ever since we went to the Mets game a few weeks ago, my whole family has gotten into baseball. Anna’s been working on her fastball, Micah loves anything active and is quite the natural, and we make a big deal out of Lucas having the same name as Lucas Duda, who hit a home run at the Mets game we went to.

BackyardBaseball_0 - 7

So, naturally, all the kids enjoy playing a bit of backyard baseball. The more we play, the more official we get. We now how bases and a pitcher’s mound. And today we even found some gloves for the kids to use…even the pink color didn’t keep Micah from want to use it.

Even Eloise joined in on the fun.
BackyardBaseball_0 - 12

Here are a few more pictures: