Fixing a Bike

The nice thing about biking in China is that it’s very common. On the one hand there are a ton of obstacles to go around as hundreds of bikers maneuver around traffic, but on the other, it also means you’re never that far from a bike repair cart set up on the side of the road. When I blew up Jacquelyn’s bike tire today, I just walked it over to the old man at the cart and he hooked me up with a new inner tube and tire for only about $8, or ¬•50.

Micah Taught Himself to Ride a Bike

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So, all of the sudden Micah can do this…

He did this all on his own. In fact, he got upset when I tried to help him. He had been dying for a bike and he finally got one. He was riding it within the day!

The pink color and butterflies probably gave away the fact that this previously belonged to a girl, so we went out and got some spray paint and our friend helped us paint it.

Painting Micah's Bike