Cute Sayings

Daddy Date: The Last in Qingdao

Anna and I took a break from the packing up and went Yogurt Garden. It’s a self-serve yogurt place. Kinda cool (if u like frozen yogurt).

Afterword, we rode our bikes around the marina and Anna had me take pictures of her.

Here’s some of my favorite things she said on our date:

  • “Okay, see those flags over there? We’re gonna go over there and you’re gonna take two pictures of me there. And then we’ll take some more pictures somewhere else. Okay?”
  • “Daddy, you’re so cool.” (I was showing her how far I could lean over on my bike.)
  • (Taking pictures)
    Anna: “Send them to Starbucks.”
    Me: “Huh?”
    Anna: (With exasperation) “Send the pictures to Starbucks so mommy can see them.”
    Me: (Thoroughly confused) “She’s not at Starbucks, she’s at home.”
    Anna: (Obviously agitated) “No, send them to Starbucks so she can see them at home!”
    Me: “Oh! You mean Facebook.”
    Anna: (With a smile) “Oh, you’re right, I mean Facebook.”

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5 Second Rule

From time to time, our family makes good use of the 5 Second Rule (which actually has some merit…). The other day we were waiting for our food at McD’s and Anna had picked out the straws that we were going to use. She was playing with them and they, predictably, fell on the floor. She said, “It’s okay, daddy.” And started blowing on them to get the dirt off.

Anna the Baller

The last couple of weeks I’ve been helping out with Qingdao Youth Basketball League. It’s for kids Kindergarten to 5th grade. There are two leagues – Jiaozi and Baozi. Jiaozi are typically smaller than Baozi, that the younger league is Jiaozi.

Even though Anna’s a couple of months too young, I registered her to play. She’s been having a good time and looks super cute in her Nuggets uniform.

Acting silly while Daddy sets up

The first week we worked on Skills and Drills. And the second, we did Skills and Games.

She’s been doing really well with it…except the first day she had a broken nail and said, “Daddy, I can’t practice anymore. I’ve got a broken nail.” It made me want to shout in a high-pitched, Tom Hanks-like voice, “There’s no broken nails in basketball!”

On the second day, the game had been going on for about 5 minutes and Anna asked me, “Daddy, what do I do?” I said, “You know how when you hold a ball at home daddy steals it out of your hands?” She nodded. “That’s what you do…steal it out of their hands.” She smiled really big and ran after the person with the ball.

Stretches before practice

Anyway, it’s been super fun to be Anna’s and the rest of my cool team’s coach. What can be cuter than watching a bunch of 5-7 year-olds playing BBall?

Excited about QYBL!

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Dad: Do you know what “Stealing” means? Anna: Yeah, it’s when I hold a ball and Daddy steals it from me…

We were going over the Advent calendar as a family. This particular day we talked about the 10 Commandments. We got to the part about not stealing because it breaks God’s command. So I asked, “Do you know what stealing means?” Anna replied, “Yeah, when I’m holding the ball, Daddy steals it from me.”

Okay, well I guess there are some instances of stealing that are okay, after all. 🙂