Adams – Social Media

Adams Fairacre Farms’ use of social media was minimal when I arrived on board. I was and am tasked with engaging with Adams customers on various social media platforms. My exciting photography and engaging designs, combined with interesting text, elicits engagement.


  • 10% average monthly growth rate each month since taking over
  • 2-4 engaging posts a week
  • Respond to positive and negative feedback
  • Answer customer questions
  • Link to relevant, engaging articles
  • Post photos from Adams events
  • Run promotional drawings and campaigns using self-created Facebook Apps. Use cross-platforming on other social networks to engage maximum of customer base.


  • 15% average monthly growth rate of followers since taking over
  • Live tweeting during Adams special events
  • Share and Retweet beneficial information to our followers
  • Answer customer questions
  • Run promotional drawings and campaigns using Retweeting and Mentioning. Use cross-platforming on other social networks to engage maximum of customer base.
  • @AdamsFarms


  • Recently created
  • Engaging photos of Adams Events
  • Used in combination with Facebook and Twitter
  • @adamsfairacrefarms

Adams Fairacre Farms – Store

I successfully moved the Adams online store, which sells fruit & gift baskets as well as gift cards, from an inferior platform to the super integrated and feature-rich Ecwid shopping cart. In addition to the integration, I also photographed all the product images.

In consideration for this store, not only did it need a significant aesthetic improvement, but we also needed a solution that would be scalable to include more departments as managers become ready.

Platform: Ecwid & WordPress
Website Address:


  • Complete integration with existing site
  • Completely customized CSS to match existing website
  • Custom delivery zones
  • Admin & Customer receipts for fulfillment of purchase
  • Complete integration with existing payment gateway
  • Scalable
  • Low Cost
  • Allows customers to share purchases on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  • Mobile Store
  • Facebook Store

Though I did not do the original design, I am responsible and entrusted with the development of new features and improvements of the site. Brand consistency is of top priority and the development of this site.

Platform: WordPress
Website Address:

Original Content:

  • Adams Blogs: 1, 2, 3, 4


  • WordPress
  • CSS
  • Blog, News, and Events Content
  • Photography
  • Social Media


Personally Developed/Designed:

Designing for Myself

A friend of mine recently started his own business. He was in the midst of designing his business cards, so I quickly mocked some design options up for him. (Not sure if he wanted my help or not…but he got it…☺ ) I had such a good time making up the designs that it inspired me to come up with some business card designs for my freelance work.

I already have a logo that I made some time back, so it was really just a matter of using that design to make some business cards. I’m pretty happy with the result.

An interesting dilemma came up as I was designing them. Should I focus more on design, or on usefulness? I suppose at some level, this dilemma comes up for all designers. Everyone wants to create a sense of awe when someone looks at your design. In fact, deep down, you’re hoping that someone will give you a job just by looking at your business cards, or single piece of work. But if a user can’t figure out how to contact you later, they might just give up.

The problem I encountered was deciding what information to put on the card. Will someone be upset with me if I don’t put my phone number on there? It’s not that I mind giving out my phone number – but it just wasn’t fitting in the design. What if the font size on a non-crucial element is too small? Will people be turned off and chuck the card in the bin?

In the end, the design trumped. I realize that most designs for clients require a bit more pragmatism when it comes to information, but if I can’t push the envelope for my website and marketing materials, then I don’t think I could be very happy with myself. And since I’m the client in this case…I aim to please.

The focus is on the most important aspect of the card – my website address. When someone references my business card, I want him or her to go to my site. That’s where they can get more information. I think about the way that I use business cards. I take a quick look, put it in my pocket, stick it in a drawer, and eventually throw it away. If I do see it again, I use it to look up information about the contact…on the web. Rarely, if ever, do I keep a card to reference someone’s phone number.

Anyway, feel free to give me your thoughts.

Lucas Dunking

Lucas has grown in many since moving back to the States. Both his physical and mental skills have greatly improved. It’s been such a joy to see him enjoying life. He loves cars, trucks & trains more than anything else. In fact, the way to coax him into going to Sunday school is by saying something like, “Lucas, I think they have a truck for you!” (It works every time.)

He also like balls, which of course thrills my heart since I’m also a fan. He gladly joined me in playing basketball on this afternoon. We were at Anna’s school picnic at a State park. Despite his fear of heights (he’s our timid one), he overcame for a few seconds to dunk the ball. He actually wanted to do it several times, which, of course wore me out.


Picture notes:
My wife took this picture and I edited it. I did my original edits (cropping, B&W) in iPhoto and then moved over to Photoshop to add the puzzle effect. I also removed my arm pit shadows as it was distracting and the first thing I looked at. (See original and cropped B&W.)

Lucas Dunking B&W Cropped

Lucas Dunking Orginal