Post via email solution

When I initially moved my blog from blogspot to my own domain and purchased webspace, the motivation was three fold:

1. To be able to post and administer the site without a proxy (most blog site are blocked in China). 2. To make sure my friends in China could see the content without having to use a proxy. 3. To get my geek on.

Well, a week or so ago I set up a cool service called which allowed me to blog by email. This is becoming more necessary since the world is headed mobile and, specifically for us, because we’re headed to a place next month where I’m not sure how much internet access we’ll have. I should still be able to email from my phone, though. Unfortunately, posterous also ended up being blocked here. So, though I could still send an email with text and it get posted on my blog, the pictures could not be seen. So, though I could still accomplish purposes 1 & 3, purpose #2 could not be met.

But last night, by staying up way too late, I finally worked something out. There’s a wordpress plugin called Postie that does the same thing as Posterous AND stores it on my own server (which was a limitation of posterous for me).

So, just because I can, here’s a picture of me emailing via my phone just a couple steps away from my computer thus taking me twice as long to write it as just using the computer.

Let’s just hope MY site doesn’t get blocked…