The (not golden) Bridge

Last night I went to the Mid-Hudson Bridge to get some shots for work. We’re doing a fundraiser for an organization called Solving Kids’ Cancer.

Anna is interested in what I do at my job. Every now and then when JK brings the family to the store to shop, they’ll come up and say hi. I showed Anna my computer and tried to explain what I do. I even had her edit some pictures that I was working on. But all in all, it’s pretty boring for a 7 year old. Last night was fun because we got to go out on location.

(Picture by Anna)

The goal for this project was to take some pictures of the gold lights of the Mid-Hudson bridge so that I could post them as part of the fundraiser project. The bridge was supposed to be all gold as a tribute to pediatric cancer victims and survivors. Unfortunately, there was a mix up and the bridge wasn’t all gold.

But Anna and I had fun together throwing rocks in the water and watching the water for jumping fish.

This picture is of Anna being “surprised” by a jumping fish:
A Jumping Fish

As usual, Anna asked alot questions. Here are just a few:

  • What if our car was full of water but you could breathe in it?
  • What should we get mommy for her birthday?
  • What if everyone walked with a cane?
  • What if everything was cherry flavored?

And my favorite dialog:

Anna: (In rapid succession) I want to ride in a boat. Can we get a boat? Not just a regular small boat. I mean a boat with two levels so we can be on top and bottom. We could come down here and ride in the boat with the family.
Me: I think you’re talking about a yacht.
Anna: Yeah, can we get a yacht?
Me: That would be awesome. But they’re really expensive. Like more than house!
Anna: How much?
Me: (After looking it up on my phone) Like $2 million.
Anna: You and mommy have $2 million.
Me: No, we don’t.
Anna: Yes, you do. Each of you has $1 million in your bank accounts.
Me: No, we don’t.
Anna: Yes, you do.
Me: No. Seriously. We don’t.
Anna: (Saddened by reality) Oh.

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