The Routine

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Today we started to get used to the routine a bit. After eating breakfast Anna plays and has a ss-type class while the parents (and kids too afraid to be left with somebody they don’t know…that would be Lucas) go and also have ss-type class.

We take a break which gives a chance to do laundry and other chores, meet w/one team-member family for about 1 hour for encouragement, and then it’s off to lunch.

After lunch we take naps and/or play a game. We brought with us Forbidden Island and Carcassone. In the afternoon we have meetings in preperation for next week’s camp. Today’s meeting was actually meeting w/LSV kids to see if they would be wiling to help us next week. We played several games together as kind of an ice breaker (see pics), and then we asked them to join us next week. Some are resistant b/c many of their classmates will attend the camp and are afraid of the stigma associated with living at a home like this. In the end it seems most agreed. 🙂

We then hung out until dinner. Lucas was cranky, so after dinner he went straight home while me and Anna went to the “reflection” time.

JK and I play a game and/or blog, then off to bed.

Next week things will be quite different. But right now we’re happy for the much needed rest.

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