Trip to Yantai

We had the privilege to go down and see our organization’s newest project in Yantai! While we were there we also spent some quality time with leadership in our organization. Being that we’re in 7 different cities, we’re usually just connecting over Skype. It was great to be able to connect face to face and work together.


Both Jacquelyn and I got to see the results of our PREP analysis. PREP is a personality test meant for understanding how team members can best work together. We really enjoyed this time not only learning more about ourselves, but also about our fellow leaders. We’re looking forward to integrating this with our team.

School Opening

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the brand new school that was just opened this school year. We can certainly see how His hand in this project. We are overwhelmed by His provisions. We dedicated this project back to Him.

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