Volunteering – Part 2

Last night we went caroling with our youth group. We visited mostly people from our church, but we also hit a few neighbors of one of our leaders. It was fun and I think it meant a lot to the people whose houses we visited. It also worked out that we got bring along our little ones! They had a good time, I think.

In my last post I mentioned we were looking for ways to get the whole family involved in a project. Though caroling wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, I think it was certainly a good project for all of us to be involved with. Anything that we can do to show care for other people is way to show and act out that Christmas isn’t just about ourselves. What better way to acknowledge Christ’s service of coming to this earth to empathize with us as we navigate this complicated place than to serve others and show that they are cared for?

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Hey – so this is almost 8 months too late, but I learned something this past Christmas about serving opportunities. I thought it was really cool and something that ALL of my and my friend’s kids could be involved in.

    There is a local nursing/assisted living place. Before you think caroling and little presents…think nail polish. Yup – the ladies LOVE it! We went and “did” nails, played UNO, and let the ladies eat up the babies. We brought toys for the littlest ones and just let them play on the floor. It was better than TV for the ladies. Anyway…it’s a thought. 🙂 You have 4 months to plan!

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