Watching Dora in Chinese


The kids watching Dora in Chinese. (Letting mommy & daddy make dinner.

3 responses to “Watching Dora in Chinese”

  1. Wendy Saunders says:

    Oh my! Just checked back in with you guys – you got a lot going on, as always! Love this photo of the kids – They are getting so big! Has it really been 4 years since Beijing? We are looking forward to the updates regarding your new adventure and keeping you in prayer on the direction you are being led. You guys rock!

  2. Wendy Saunders says:

    Doing well. We are just at the end of our first year in Mozambique, one more to go. We loved our three in Oman. Now we have to start thinking of the next post. As blessed as we have been to see and do so much, we are starting to feel quite road weary. Kids are growing so fast. J starts 4th grade next year and D will be entering 10th. They grow so quickly, don’t they! Congratulations on your three! Super cute! Will keep checking in on y’all – take care!

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