What is American Cooking?

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In our travels in China we often talk about the cultural differences between the US and China. It’s actually a dificult question since the US has such a diverse population – we all come from somewhere else, ancestorally speaking.

Not so in China. There is quite a bit of diversity depending on where in China you go, but it’s still generally called Chinese food.

So, in order to share some culture, the camp prepared a day for each of the families to cook for the kid in their group. After much deliberation, we finally landed on Omeletts.

The kids helped us cut the food and selected what they wanted and then we cooked ’em. It turned out quite good. All the kids liked it and ate it all except for one little girl who, I’ve come to learn over the course of this week, is quite picky about a lot of things.

Also part of the exchange was the kids bringing in fruit and games. I ate a ton of Lyche, Mangosteene, and Huangpiguo, “Yellow Skinned Fruit” (sorry, can’t find a translation other than that). One girl actually hauled her keyboard in to play for us. *See Video. She was quite good. An LSV kid taught Uno, which is always a hit. Anna finally got to play Red Light, Green Light. *See Video. (She’s been planning it for weeks.) Another girl taught us a game similar to Duck, Duck, Goose called, Shou Diu Juan.

In the evening we ate at one of the camper’s houses. We had a ton of food (more Lychee, too). After dinner they poured us some nice Oolong Tea.

It was a fun and busy day!

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4 responses to “What is American Cooking?”

  1. 威尔 says:


    This looks awesome–what you’re doing. Heard you’re all getting sick . . . “lifting” you guys up.



  2. J-Dogg says:

    Yeah, we’ve been sick in one way or another since getting here. Thanks for lifting us up.

    We just completed the camp today. We’re gonna go explore Beihai next week!

  3. S-Dogg says:

    Just saw this blog after sorting thru the many emails. Praying His work thru you was fruitful in Beihai and that your future becomes clearer back in the states.

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